Saturday, 28 April 2012

Ulta3 glitter nail polishes

Hi Pretties

I wanted to show you these Ulta3 glitter nail polishes I found today.

I'm not sure if these are new, but I have not seen them before in my local Ulta3 bins.  I got these ones at Coles for $2 each.

I purchased Gold Digger and Silver Glitter, but I also saw a blue glitter and one called Confetti in the bin and I believe there are a few more in this range.

Gold Digger is your pretty standard yellow gold with gold glitter and the silver is a very shinny grey with silver glitter.  The strange thing about these polishes is they dry with different textures.

The Silver Glitter feels chunky on your nails, much similar to Sally Hansen Gem Crush and Gold Digger dries smooth.  Strange...  Silver Glitter is a lot more 'glittery' too and becomes much shinier on your nails.

Who loves swatches?  We do!

I put these polishes on over the colour I already had on (Rimmel Lively Lilac) and have applied two coats of both.  The silver is more compacted than the gold, but I think both are really pretty :)

Have you tried the Ulta3 glitter polishes?


  1. Interesting that they both dry different!

    I will probably buy some Ulta3 colours when bellabox starts to sell them on their store (which I am assuming they are still going to do) as I haven't seen them in my supermarket, although I am yet to see if they stock them at my local priceline.

    Just wondering why you chose the gold and silver over the other colours in the range? :)

    x Crystal

  2. Hi Crystal

    You can also check out chemists for Ulta3. They quite often sell them.

    I chose gold and silver as my tastes are quite simple and I would get the most use out of them. I am thinking of getting the blue as well :)

  3. i love the red one, its just called 'red glitter'. looks soo pretty over a dark purple