Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Storing my make up brushes

Hi all

A great way to store frequently used make up brushes is in some sort of container on your vanity.

I picked up this vase at K-Mart for only $5 and have filled it with rice to keep my brushes in place. Storing them upright like this helps to keep the bristles protected from rubbing on surfaces.

I have just moved house and am in the process of setting up a new vanity. Stay tuned for that blog post when it's finished :)

How do you store your brushes?


  1. Until i read some posts on BH and saw this it never occured to me to keep my brushes standing up, mine are normally just chucked back flat in my bathroom drawer!

    But... you have now inspired me to go hunting for some fancy glasses or a vase and from now on keep them standing pretty on my set of drawers :)

    I also like your tips on keeping them clean which i admit i am slack at doing too..

    Thanks for a great blog. I don't normally read too many but yours is set out well, and i like the random tips. I will be looking forward to what you write next


  2. Purple Patch thank you for your lovely comment. You have truly made my day! It's very rewarding to know someone is enjoying my blog :)