Tuesday, 24 April 2012

April BellaBox - Road Tested

Hi Pretties

The time has come for the April BellaBox - Roadtested blog.  (You can read my open box post here!)

April's box had a nice mix of skin care, beauty and scented items.  I didn't love this box as much as March, so hopefully May will improve a little.  I've now signed up for Lust Have It as well so Bellabox, you have some competition!

Comvita Brightening Facial Exfoliant
The texture of this is quite nice.  Again the size of this sample with its consistency makes giving this a proper trial very difficult.  I only got one use out of it.  I do feel I was left with a 'glow' afterwards though.

Comvita Brightening Facial Serum
I disliked this sample for several reasons.  1) It's too small to try properly.  I like to use samples at least 4 times and you normally can with a 1.5ml sample, but this product didn't last me more than 2 uses.  2) It had the consistency of a foaming cleanser.  What the?  3) It went on sticky.  4) I still had to use my moisturiser as well.

Comvita Brightening Moisturiser
This moisturiser is quite a strange consistency.  When I squeezed it out of the sachet it kind of reminded me of clay but spread surprisingly well.  Again - too small a sample, but the one use I did get was quite nice.  Initially my skin felt a little sticky but it did absorb in about 15 minutes.  As the packet said it was quite a nice base for my make up.

Ulta3 Nail Polish
I received this in the colour Jade which is a pretty Christmassy green.  I find Ulta3 nail polishes to be a little hit and miss, and this one is a miss.  It went on nicely and fairly streak free, but 8 hours later I put my hand into my bag to pull out my keys and scratched every nail on my left hand!  That could probably have been prevented with a top coat, but I don't use them at the best of times so I'm not going to when I already have to do two coats.  I've read some people are not too impressed at getting a $2 nail polish in a luxury samples box and I have mixed feelings on this.  I'm not overly stoked to get it as a 'luxury sample', but I'd prefer to get a full sized nail polish as opposed to another sachet of something.

Benefit 'Hello Flawless' Foundation
When I saw this foundation in the box and read other reviews I originally thought this would be too yellow and too dark for me but it actually blends into my skin quite well.  The colour that it.  I find this foundation quite hard to blend both with primer and no primer.  I don't like using foundation brushes as I'm usually running late of a morning and find it much quicker to use my fingers and this doesn't seem to spread out that well.  Once it is on it does look quite blended though.  I don't feel that this leaves me flawless and I kind of feel I look a little shiny when it is on where I prefer a matte foundation.  It is light wearing and doesn't make me break out which is a plus.  While I like this foundation, I wouldn't go and buy it.  Looking forward to trying other Benefit products though!  I am quite interested in the Erase Paste.

pureDKNY Verbena
This perfume is quite nice.  It's not a scent I would buy a full sized bottle of.  Not that I disliked it, I just kind of feel that it is a little old for me?  I like something a little sweeter.  The scent is long wearing though and I could still smell it on myself 10 hours after application.

OP Therapy Body Hydrator
I really like this moisturiser.  It is nice and thick but also blends REALLY well which is often an issue with thick moisturisers.  It is not unscented as the packaging says, but it doesn't seem to have any added fragrance, just a generally cream smell to it.  It is nice and gentle and highly moisturising.  I've been using it on my upper arms where I tend to get eczema when the weather changes, and its been holding it off so I'm very happy about that.  We will see what happens though as winter gets closer.

Hollywood Feet Velvet Cushions
This is not a product I normally use, so I want to get a good use out of them and will use them when I go to Melbourne in a few weeks.  I shall update this section then.

Overall I'm pleased with this months BellaBox.  I did like last months a little better, but I especially enjoyed the moisturiser in this box.  I think the Comvita samples were a little small for their texture.  Normally you can get a couple of uses out of a 1.5ml sample but not these ones which is a shame.  Only getting to use something once is not going to make me want to go and buy it, so I think the small samples are counter productive for Comvita.

I have also signed up to Lust Have It now so BellaBox is going to have a little competition next month!  I am NOT planning on dropping BellaBox at this stage though.

You can sign up to BellaBox here.

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  1. Oh my box is different to yours. I got the NAK Hair Oil instead of the foundation and the Sea Salt Scrub instead. I only got my box yesterday so I'm yet to try it out. Love your review - it's always nice to get another person's perspective on the box.

    1. Do you like the NAK hair oil? I have used some other Nak products and some I have liked and some I haven't.

  2. Great review! I received the same products as you did and I really liked the contents Bellabox included in this month's box. The Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation suits my skin really well and I might actually consider buying it.

  3. Great review. These subscription boxes are all over the globe. I love to see what is in each box. Cant wait for your review on the Lust Have it box.


  4. Shame to hear you didn't like your Ulta polish. I really liked mine, it had a great application! My toes are currently wearing it!

    Not sure what to think about the Comvita samples...the exfoliant has good reviews but not the serum/moisturiser!