Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Orly Nail Polish Haul

Hi all

No doubt most of the Aussies have seen the discounted Orly nail polishes getting around Priceline at the moment, but for those who haven't, Priceline is selling Orly nail polishes (old range) for anywhere from $3 to $5! Normal retail price of Orly nail polishes is around $18 so your getting a bargain with these!

I picked up one colour to try the other day for $4.95 and after being pretty pleased with the polish I went to buy a couple more today and low and behold I got the for $2.99 each! So I now have 4 colours :)

My favourite thing about these polishes so far would have to be the rubber topper which makes getting the top off the bottle so easy. Normally with my OPI polishes I'm trying to chew it off with my teeth!

I really like the consistency of the polish also, it goes on nice and evenly, does require two coats which I'm not always a fan of but the shine factor you are left with is fantastic.

I don't think the polish longevity is anything special, still wearing off after 3 or 4 days but I'm yet to find a polish that lasts much longer from high end to cheapy Ulta3. In fact I would probably say that Ulta3 has lasted the longest of any polish I have tried and they are only $2 a bottle. But for the cheap price I got these Orly polishes for i'm very pleased. I'm doubtful I would spend $18 on a bottle though as I think there are other polishes just as good.

The colours I got from left to right are;

Strip Down: A bright pink with orange undertones

Aspen: A very shiny pale blue

Not So Dusty Rose: A dusty rose

Walk Down the Isle: A shimmery pale green

What Orly polishes do you have?


  1. I have a bright orange miniture from Orly that I recieved as a gift. It is too bright and does not suit my skin tone.

    Those polishes look lovely! I saw that sale at Priceline but gave it a pass as I don't like to have too many bottles of polish at one time and I got quite a few recently :)

  2. Oh I know how you feel I am awful at hoarding nail polish! I must put myself on a buying ban as the tub I store them in is completely overflowing!