Sunday, 29 April 2012

FOTD Tutorial - Make up for shopping

Hi pretties

I thought today I would do a face of the day for weekend shopping!  This is also a fairly neutral look that could easily be worn to work or any occasion really.

How to:
1. Prime - I used David Jones Primer
2. Foundation - I used Benefit Hello Flawless that I received in my April Bellabox.
3. Powder - Natio pressed powder
4. Blush - Mac Melba
5. Lips - Revlon lip butter in Peach Parfait
6. Prime eyes - Mac Paintpot in Bare Study
7. Brow highlighter - Mac eyeshadow in Blanc Type
8. Inner Corner Colour - DB Palette (bottom left colour)
9. Lid colour & Crease Colour - Intensifeye Quad Choc-a-Block shade two from the Australis Nudist Palette
10. Liner - Essence Gel eyeliner in black
11. Eyebrow - Savvy by DB liner
12. Waterliner - Chi Chi in Virgin
13. Mascara - Loreal Extra Volume Collagen

Eye Close up!

That's my look for shopping.

I hope you enjoyed and if you have any suggestions for a look please contact me :)


  1. It's a perfect everyday look! Love it!

  2. ´Lately I´ve been in a no makeup phase, but then it's because of some problems I've been having with my face skin. :/

  3. this is a great everyday look!!!
    I've been meaning to have a look at that nudist eye shadow pallet. So thanks for showing me a good look to do with it :)