Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Make Up Storage

Hey Pretty People

Well I've mentioned previously that I have just moved house and my adorable boyfriend was kind enough to let me have a make up station in our multi-purpose room! We also use this room as a gym, study and for a little bit of storage, but I'm very excited to have my own space and not be working out of the bathroom mirror anymore. Very convenient and I'm pretty sure that our bathroom mirror was designed for a giant, NOT someone who is 5'1.5! If I stand on my tippy toes I can just see the top of my head!

So anyway, below is a pic of my new set up. (:

I'm not going to talk about the actual products I own in this post (i'll save that for another day) but just to give you an overview of my set up. I got my desk from Kmart for only $49 and the chair for $9. Bargains I think!

Starting on the left hand side of my desk is a lamp. This is also got from Kmart for only $8! It doesn't provide much light when I'm doing my make up but it helps with taking photos and swatches. And it's pretty. Behind that is my everyday jewellery stand that I received as a gift a few years ago. Here I keep my most used jewellery so I can just choose something and go before work. If it means an extra 30 seconds sleep of a morning I'm all for it!

Beside those items is my make shift mirror. Another Kmart purchase, the mirror was $10 and I have attached it to a photo frame to keep it standing up. I prefer this mirror as I dislike the light up mirrors. I always look awful in them. Much like a hairdressers mirror! So I'm happy with my set up like this. Beside the mirror is just some cinnamon sticks I got as a gift years ago, just to smell pretty and be a bit of decoration.

Next along is my brush holder. It is actually a vase from Kmart, only $5, filled with rice to keep my brushes in place. On the side of that is a packet of cheap make up remover wipes to spot clean my brushes daily.

The white shelf I got from Fantastic Furniture for $25. I think it was a great buy as well as it holds all my goodies. On top of the shelf on the left is my perfumes (I shall do a collection blog at a later date) and next to that in the pink case is where I store my make up. The case was only $8 in the kids storage department at (you guessed it) Kmart, but it is the perfect size for my collection. I have the top two drawers divided into 3 by plastic containers.

The top drawer contains my foundations, powders, bronzer and blush in one compartment, my lip products in another, and primers in another. The second drawer contains my eye pencils, eye liners and mascaras in one container, my single eye shadows in another, and small duos and quads in another section. The third drawer is very miscellaneous. It contains back ups of my most used products, cotton pads, make up remover, antibacterial spray, my bigger pallets, all my Mac bags (sad I know but I keep them all :)), spare brushes and a few other bits and pieces.

The first shelf on the stand has my nail products. All of my nail polishes are kept in the little wooden box, I have some Sally Hanson Salon Effects, nail polish remover and a spare hair dye.

Below that is my hair tools consisting of my GHD, blow dryer, curling wands and a crimper!

The last shelf has my hot rollers and hot roller clamps, and a little box containing sample products that I pull out when I feel like a change or to use something special as most of them are high end.

Well that's my new set up. As you can probably tell i'm very excited about it and this has become my favourite spot in the house. I promise that I don't work for Kmart! I just live really close and find them to be great value for money.

So tell me, how do you store your collection?

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  1. My favourite set up was using one of those 4 draw paper storage things but my collection outgrew it and now its all in a one big draw organised in purple plastic baskets, i need to throw out a few more things and i might put a photo up :)

  2. I love this! The lighting in my bathroom is really bad and I've been thinking of doing a workstation like this. Your setup is great :)