Thursday, 19 April 2012

1 year of growing out my hair

Hi pretties

Today's blog is all about my hair!  One year ago today I decided I wanted happier, healthier hair and began actively growing out my hair.  I joined a fabulous online community to help me along the way called The Long Hair Community.

This is my hair one year ago!

This is my hair today!

It's not quite as long as I hoped.  I'm about an inch shorter than where I wanted to be, but it's getting there!

Throughout the past year I have learned to better take care of my hair, I only use heat about once a week now, never brush when wet and I have a whole range of beautiful hair toys to wear my hair up more and keep my hair protected.  I've stopped bleaching my hair and use only semi permanent dyes as well now.

Next goal, waist length!

Can I get there in a year?


  1. Good going! I know how hard it can be to grow it out, particularly once it hits that awkward length!

  2. Great looking blog. And well done with your hair.
    I'm trying to grow mine as long as I can aswell. It takes forever. :P

  3. It does take forever! We will get there :)

  4. I used to have a pixie cut until in February 2008 I decided to grow it out. What a freaking long journey it's been and it's still not as long as I'd like it to be!

    Right now, it's about 8cm above my elbows and my sister keeps telling me I looked better with it short and that I should cut it again. All the effort of growing it out going to waste? Hell no!

  5. Growing out your hair is sooooo annoying! If only it was quicker. I swear boys hair grows much quicker. My hubby is constantly getting a haircut hahaha