Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Nail polish collection

Hi pretty people!

Well I mentioned a little while ago in my make up collection storage post that I would show you my products and collection in more detail.  I am getting to this but I am waiting on quite a few products from the US that I would like to include when I show you my favourite products, but nail polish is not one of them :)

This is an overview of all my polishes.  I store them in a wooden box I have had for years and unfortunately the lid doesn't close any more as I have a few too polishes.  I know my collection is not as big as others, but I am really trying to limit my spending on polishes!

I'm going to break this post up into brands and from left to right give you the names of the colours :)


Walk Down the Aisle
Strip Down
Not so Dusty Rose


DS Reserve (my first OPI!)
No name on miniatures (natural pink)
No name on miniatures (natural flesh)
Lourve Me, Lourve Me Not


Pop Rose
Lively Lillac
Style Hunter
Instyle Coral
Mocha Fever
Double Decker Red

Essie (Fall Collection)

Lady Like
Very Structured
Power Clutch
Carry On

Ulta 3

Bon Bon
Flashback Fuchsia
Black Plum


LA Colours - Aztec Orange
TBN - Barely Pink
TBN - Rich Red
Australis - Peek-a-Boo
Max Factor - Diva Violet
Chi Chi - Miss Personality
Revlon - No Shrinking Violet


Cutex Diamond Extra Hard
Ulta 3 Speed Dry

 Stay tuned for more collection posts!


  1. Great collection :) You have some really beautiful colours :)

  2. You have some nice colours there, I love those little Essies, so perfect for Autumn/Winter! I just got Orly Aspen and I haven't tried it yet, it's such a pretty blue and i think it would look great with a matte top coat too! I was planning to use it yesterday but then my nfu-ohs arrived and I couldn't resist them :)

    1. I love Orly Aspen. I think it is such a pretty colour. Even though it is blue, I think it is a great winter colour as it is so icy looking!

  3. nice collection :) i'm the total opposite when it comes to nail polish, i like bright metallic shades, blues, greens, purples

    1. Wow that's cool :) its funny how people can have the same interests but completely different tastes :)

  4. Lovely collection! I love this idea for a post too :)

  5. Great collection! We have similar tastes :)
    New follower from Italy! xx