Thursday, 10 January 2013

Nivea 5 in 1 BB Cream Review

Hi Pretties

Today I have a review for you on the new Nivea 5 in 1 BB Cream Review.  This product is due to hit the shelves in Australia in February 2013 and I was lucky enough to be sent this product for review by my favourite website

Firstly, of all the Western BB Creams I have tried this would have to be my favourite. And I have tried a few. This still does not compare to the Asian BB Creams, but if you are looking for a tinted moisturiser this would be my pick of the Western BB Cream bunch.
The packaging is nice and 'Nivea simple' with a sleek tube with an easy open and close lid and simple text. The scent however faintly resembles a sunscreen and does not remind me of a Nivea scent at all. I would not say the smell particularly bothers me though.
I applied this after toner as directed, without first using a moisturiser and while the moisturising properties were ok, if you have dry skin I would recommend a moisturiser first. The instructions say to rub in circular motions into the skin which I did, but I did find it a little difficult to blend as the product is quite thick.
This gave me a very light coverage that you could build upon, however I chose not to do this due to the horrendus colour match.
Like most 'light' products, this was way to dark and orange for my fair skin and gave me a somewhat ruddy complexion. However, as previously mentioned this one takes the cake in terms of Western BB Creams, including colour match. It's probably the closest I will get to matching me.
The finish was a rather matte finish which I love, and with a dusting of powder kept me shine free for approximately 5 hours. While this is not bad, I need my base to hold up during a 9 hour work day. A quick blot had me basically shine free again, but I feel the colour oxidised more as the day went on and I started to look more and more orange in the face.

If Nivea could get a decent colour match for the pale people I would probably purchase this product as there was enough light coverage for my skin, it kept my combination skin hydrated enough and the price is not to bad at all.