Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Review - Biore gentle make up removing wipes

Hi lovelies

Just a quick review for you on the Biore gentle make up removing wipes - with purifying green tea.

Biore claims these wipes 'instantly remove all traces of make up (including waterproof mascara) oil and daily impurities'.

I tried this sample product to remove my normal every day make up and I was pretty pleased.  Initially when I opened it up the I thought the smell was lovely.  Nice and refreshing and just like green tea.

The size of the wipe is fairly decent for and it feels sort of thin compared to other make up remover wipes I have used, but it is still nice and soft and definitely not scratchy.

I do not wear heavy make up, or waterproof mascara and I was very happy with the job this wipe did.  It removed most of my make up although I still had a tiny amount of mascara remaining under my eyes when I washed with my cleanser.  No more than I would have by normal washing though, and not enough to make me dislike the product.

My only complaint would be a slight sting around the eye area, but I find this is pretty average with most wipes.  The sting quickly went away when I washed my face with water.

I would rate this product 4/5 and would definitely try again.

Caitlin xoxo