Monday, 23 April 2012

Review - Australis Nudist Palette

Hi Pretties

As promised, my review on the Australis Nudis Palette.  The 'Australis answer to the Naked Palette'.  After searching various Targets I finally found this yesterday for $9.95 which is not a bad price for the palette.

If you have a lot of Australis eye shadows already, chances are you have most of these colours as they are not exclusive to the palette but are from other quads etc.

The palette itself comes with a mirror which I personally think is a little too small to use for every day, and a double ended applicator.  If you wanted to take only this away with you though those things would be pretty useful.  The locking action is nice and firm as well.

The colours from left to right swatch (as well as the open palette) are as follows;

Intensfeye Trio Bees Knees Shade One
Paparazzi Perfect Snap Attack
Intensifeye Quad Choc-a-Block Shade One
Intensifeye Trio Bees Knees Shade Three
Intensifeye Quad Choc-a-Block Shade Two
Paparazzi Perfect A Lister Sista Dark
Paparazzi Perfeck Snap Attack
Intensifeye Quad Choc-a-Block Shade Three

While I do like this palette, my one complaint would be that these are all shimmer colours.  A matte highlight and crease colour would have completed this for me I think.  Never the less it is a very handy palette to have.  The colour payoff is quite good for the price, particularly in the darker colours, and they seem to stay put all day.

What do you think of the Australis Nudist Palette?


  1. I think the colours are really nice, but do agree something for highlighting etc would be great. I have a few Australis eye shadows and love them, good quality for how little you pay.

  2. I picked this up today myself! I agree they could have thrown a few mattes in to even out everything, but nonetheless I was pretty happy with the colours! Pretty great price too :)

  3. oh how I wish for just one matte highlight!

    I used this palatte again today. I think you can get loads of looks with it.