Sunday, 8 April 2012

March Bellabox - Road tested

Hi All

Happy Easter!! I do hope the Easter Bunny was good to you and you all got very spoilt. I know I did :)

Well I know it's early April but with moving house and waiting for my WiFi connection in my new house I've been very busy, but I have finally had the chance to road test all the products in my March Bellabox. Yea!

This was my first Bellabox and I must say I'm quite happy with it. Although I didn't really like a few of the products, it's still loads of fun trying new things.

So the March Bellabox was actually a March Bellabag which was nice. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it but it's a nice idea and I guess more useful than a box?

The first product I'll talk about is the hair product I received. It's the U Little Beauty Natural Shine Hair Serum (full size). I have seen this range at Priceline and had been looking to purchase something from the range as they are mostly natural products. It doesn't contain any silicones which appeals to me. Once you get past the smell of grass this is quite a nice product. I've used this in conjunction with my new Matrix shampoo and conditioner (spoken about here in my March favourites) and have had no flyaways, my hair feels soft and sliky and generally shiny. The thing I don't like is the pump top because the product seems to want to go flying across the room when I use the pump. Maybe I just got a dodgy bottle though.

Next up is a product by Yes to Carrots. A brand I have eyed off for a while as I really like the concept of the 'Yes To' brand. I received the C Me Blush Lip Tint in Sunset Pink (full size). The smell of this is delightful. A mixture of something minty and I guess carrot? Unfortunately against the pigment of my lips this is an awful 90's brown on me, but I will still use at night for a lip balm. For the price tag of around $10 I don't think this is as moisturising as it could be and I prefer the $4 Nivea balms much better. This does offer a nice tingly sensation when you apply to your lips, but that's about the highlight of this product for me. It's gone to the bottom of my lip balm pile unfortunately and I would be extremely disappointed if I had purchased this myself.

The next two products I kind of group together. These are both by Planet Eve Certified Organics and they are the Facial Cleansing Oil (x2 3ml sachets) and Facial Balancing Toner (5ml). I got a full weeks use out of these even though they were quite small. The cleansing oil was bizarre. It may be just me, but I can't really come at putting oil on my oily skin to cleanse it. It felt heavy and just strange. I did have to use this after my regular cleanser as it didn't remove make up at all, which is something I like my cleansers to do.

The toner on the other hand I am quite fond of. It removed the oil slick feeling of the cleanser nicely and doesn't burn or sting as a lot of cleansers do. I didn't like the spray bottle it comes in though as I prefer an opened top bottle to empty product onto a cotton pad. I'm not sure how the full size bottles are packaged though. I believe these retail around $40 and I definitely would not purchase these. The cleanser is weird, and the toner is no better than my $8 TN Dickson's Witch Hazel. Neither made me break out though which I call a bonus as a lot of products do!

Next product is by Biotherm and its the Skin Vivo Anti Aging Expansive Mask. Strange, strange product. Now I do have a small face, but I think this mask was designed for the 'above average' facial shape. It slopped over my face like I was wearing a Halloween mask and made me look like some kind of space creature! I know beauty is not always pretty but my gosh this was hideous! The product itself was nice I guess, but I spent the 15 minutes you leave it on for stopping slime from dripping onto my neck and counting down until it was over. I would NOT pay $25 each for one of these masks that Biotherm wants you too. I couldn't wait to take it off and throw it in the bin!

Lastly I'll speak about my FAVOURITE product in the Bellabox and that is the Bellamer Botanical Skin Care Eye Balm sample. There is no size on this sample but I'm guessing about 3-5ml? This I would call a wonder product. It's fantastic! RRP is $40 and when my generous sized sample is empty I will be repurchasing although I've been using this almost every day since I got it and I still have quite a bit of product left. Basically this is a balm which feels like Vaseline that you apply to the eye area at night, leave for 15 minutes and wipe off the excess. I then follow with my eye cream and night cream. I can definitely notice the difference around my eyes. They look wider, smoother and just better. Now I am only 24, so eye creams are more of a preventative for me, but I do look much more awake after using this product too. I honestly can't rave about it enough!

Overall I'm very pleased with my Bellabox/bag. The hair serum and the eye balm make the $15 subscription fee highly worth while as these products are fantastic and cost well over that. Definitely looking forward to my April Bellabox. Hopefully it will come soon!

What are your thoughts on the March Bellabox?

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