Saturday, 14 April 2012

My skin care routine

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Today's blog post is dedicated to my skin care routine.  Now I don't have perfect skin by any stretch of the imagination, but I have two rules when it comes to keeping my skin looking its best.

1. Always remove make up at the end of the day
2. Be consistent with your routine


Day and night I use my cleanser by Lush called Angels on Bare Skin.  I tried this on a whim after I was finding all regular commercial cleansers to be too harsh for me.  I was getting dry, peeling skin and was desperate to find something new.  I picked this up around Christmas last year and love it with a passion.  I think this is a brilliant product.  You take a pea sized amount, add some water and kind of mush it between your fingers and then apply to your face.  The consistency of this takes some getting used to as its quite different, but it leaves a nice feeling on your skin afterwards.  The one downside I have found to this product is that as it is a natural product, it does have 3 month expiry date.  I actually had to throw out the remainder of my first pot, but it only costs $15 which I still think is a bargain.

Morning Routine

After cleansing with my Lush Angels on Bare Skin I follow up with TN Dickson's Witch Hazel Toner.  My step mother got me on to this years ago, and I have not bought a different brand of toner since.  What I like about this toner as it does not sting like I find other brands to and is gentle enough to use over the eye area as well.

Following my toner I use Palmers Cocoa Butter Line Smoothing Eye Cream.  Now I'm 24, so eye creams are more of a preventative for me than actually trying to do anything yet, so I can't really tell if this is doing a good job or not.  It smells nice, but that's about all I can tell you.  This is the first eye cream I have tried and I'm pretty pleased with if for the $12 price tag.

My morning moisturiser is Nivea Aqua Sensation Day Cream.  To be honest I'm yet to find a Nivea product I have not liked.  I think their products are fantastic and I love the smell their blue products have.  Before trying this day cream, I was using the Nivea Young mattifying oil control moisturiser, but as I have gotten older I am no longer as oily as I was, and that moisturiser was no longer enough for my skin.  I'm very pleased with this product though.

Evening Routine

Of an evening I use a make up remover pad to remove my eye make up and then just cleanse with my Lush Angels on Bare Skin cleanser again.  While it is not designed to remove make up I still think it does a pretty good job.  It won't remove heavy mascara or anything, but it removes my foundation and other face make up in conjunction with my face washer.

After cleansing I tone again with the Witch Hazel.  This toner also removes any further traces of make up around my eyes.

Next step is my Bellamer eye balm I received as a sample in my March Bellabox (you can read about that here).  This is a balm you apply to the eye area for 15 minutes of an evening and then remove any excess.  I think this stuff is fantastic!  I can see the difference around my eye area after using.  My eyes look wider and brighter and I look more awake.  After I remove this after 15 minutes I apply my Palmers Cocoa Butter Line Smoothing Eye cream again.

The last step in my evening routine is to apply my moisturiser.  I'm currently using Palmers Cocoa Butter Night Renewal Cream.  Now I don't love this product and I don't hate it.  It does moisturising my skin nicely, but something about the smell of it bugs me.  It's a little 'nanna' smelling.  I also think it is a little too greasy on my skin.  I probably won't repurchase when I use up this tub.

Bi-Weekly products

Along with my daily skin care routine, bi-weekly I use a skin scrub and a detox mask.

The scrub I use is by Nutrimetics and it is the Deep Cleansing Exfoliant.  This product is ok, but probably a little too harsh for my skin.  I won't repurchase when this is finished.

I also use a mask twice a week.  I was using the Priceline mask (in the pink packaging) but I bought a couple of sample sachets in the Formula 10.06 Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask and I really liked it so I picked up the full size tube today while it was 20% off at Priceline.  Hopefully I continue to enjoy this product.

How consistent are you with your skin care routine?

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