Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Road tested - Revlon Lip Butters

Hi Pretties

I’ve FINALLY had the chance to give my Revlon Lip Butters a good trial. Yea! Now I have 4 of these babies, 1 was a gift a couple of weeks ago from my man and the others I picked up at Priceline in their buy one get one free sale when I got the beauty bag.

The colours I purchased are (L-R) Crème Brule, Cupcake, Sweet Tart and Berry Smoothie. I so badly want to love everything about these cult items, but I’m only 75% sold on them! I think they staying power is a little different between the colours, as is the moisture they provide. I think the packaging is really cute but I think they are WAY overpriced. Getting them buy one get one free is great, but I wouldn’t pay the $21.95 AUD for them.

Without Flash
With flash

Crème Brule: I think this colour is a beautiful nude. I do have highly pigmented lips, so it does take me several swipes to build up some colour and when I do I get a very wearable pale browny/nude colour. This lip butter goes on very smooth and initially feels quite moisturising but after half a day or so I found this butter turned out to be quite drying and started to settle into the cracks in my lips it had created. This is such shame because I love the colour so much! I do find I have this problem with most nudes though so it is really nothing new.

Cupcake: By far the sheerest of the lip butters I purchased, this is a very pale cool toned pink and it could be my pigmented lips but I find the lasting power of this particular lip butter to be quite poor. It only seems to last about an hour where the others last much longer. This shade is quite moisturising and still feels great even after the colour has faded to a sheer gloss.

Sweet Tart: This is a hot pink that gives you a great punch of colour. It is very bright, but still wearable and not too in your face. Very moisturising and very pigmented. So pigmented in fact it lasts around 5 hours even with eating and drinking! The downfall I feel to this colour is that it does smudge out a little from your lips and give you what I like to call a ‘bolognaise ring’. This could probably be solved by using lip liner, I just don’t use them.

Berry Smoothie: My first and favourite lip butter. My man bought this as a gift for me the first day we saw them as I had been talking about them for weeks. This is a great autumn colour (read about my favourite autumn lipsticks here!), and has great staying power. I didn’t find this colour to run either with this one, unlike with Sweet Tart. I don’t think this lip butter is quite as moisturising as Cupcake and Sweet Tart and within a few hours my lips started to feel pretty neutral but upon inspection in the mirror the colour was still quite strong and my lips didn’t suffer and cracks so I’m happy.

It seems that the Revlon Lip Butters are a little hit and miss in my opinion, some being great and others not as much. I’m generally happy with them, but do I think they are worth they hype? Probably not; and this comes down to the RRP in Australia. I don’t think they are worth $21.95 when they are only about US$6. I’d happily pay $6 or even $12 AUD as our products are generally twice the price, but not the RRP of $21.95.

What is your experience with the lip butters? Do you love them? Or are they a bit overhyped?


  1. I have a lip butter in Sugar Plum but no way in hell am I going to pay $22 for it. I got it during the Revlon sale in Priceline and whilst I'm in LOVE with it, it's not worth that much of my hard-earnt money.

    Australia (but maybe only Revlon and L'Oreal, since they're the most expensive out of drugstore brands) needs to rethink the prices they're putting on some of the products because many women will eventually smarten up and start shopping online from overseas retailers, like I have. Or at least from Glossi.

  2. I almost bought a couple of these in the Priceline sale, but I just couldn't justify it knowing how overpriced they are! Admittedly I'm more of a full/bold lip colour person so couldn't really appreciate the sheerness of them. Red Velvet was very tempting though, the colour is gorgeous... but I ended up getting two other Revlon lippies that I'm loving.

    In my opinion, yep, they're way over hyped!

  3. I have quite a few, Sugar Plum, Pink Truffle (2 of these as I finished one tube), Berry Smoothie, Cherry Tart and Peach Parfait and I quite like them all.

    I agree that they definitely aren't worth the $22 price tag though, and so I bought them all for ebay for about $9 including shipping, which I think is a fair price. :)

  4. the price of these totally put me off, i've got enough lip products as it is so they would have to be a lot cheaper for me to want to try them. sweet tart looks gorgeous though

    1. It is pretty I agree, but I also think there are better out there for cheaper :)

  5. The packaging and shades in the Revlon Lip butter range look very fun and vibrant and I think these lippies have been given so much attention due to the fact that they stain the lips. I have not tried these out myself, though the packaging looks too cute to pass.