Friday, 11 May 2012

What's in my make up travel case?

Hi Pretties

Happy Friday!  Welcome to the weekend  everyone.

As some of you know I just got back from four days in Melbourne and before I left I was faced with the dilemma of what to pack in my make up bag!  Clearly I couldn't take everything (although I wish I could!) so I had to pick out the most versatile products I have to take on a holiday.

It's ok though, I bought the stuff I left behind some presents when I got back.

When packing for a holiday you want to semi plan your outfits in advance and take your make up to suit.  You also need to keep in mind any restrictions the airline may have on carrying liquids and if your product is too big, depot some into a smaller pot.

So....What's in my travel bag?

Sample products are fantastic for travel, I took away my sample of Loreal primer, one foundation and one powder.  Unless you wear different foundation from day to night, leave the rest behind.

Take a sample eye primer if you have one, and palettes are great for travel.  I took my naked palette so I could create many looks without taking up too much space.

Limit your blush to one or two.  I took a pink and a coral to ensure I had something for every look I wanted.  I skipped taking a bronzer as I don't use it regularly anyway.

Travel brush sets are great if you can find one you like.  I didn't take the one pictured, but if I had it before I left I would have.  This is from Furless Cosmetics.

For your other eye products, take one mascara and I suggest a mechanical eye pencil.  This is much more versatile as you can use it on your lower lash line, water line, tight line and upper lash line.  Much more useful than a liquid liner for travel.  I also took a white eyeliner and a white crayon for my inner corner.  Take a natural pair of lashes that can be worn for day or night.

Try to limit your lipsticks.  This one is the hardest rule for me to follow!  I took a lip balm as these are definitely needed on the aeroplane, 3 lipsticks and a clear gloss.  I chose three different shades of pink to take, as this is what I use most regularly and suit all my looks.

What's in your travel make up case?


  1. The Naked Palette is definitely a must-have travel companion. :)

  2. It's always hard packing for trips, isn't it? I tend to take too much as I'd hate to want something and not have it with me. Big fan of multitasking products like my Bobbi Brown pot rouge as I can use it on lips and cheeks. :)

    You did a great job, and like you, I tend to take samples whenever I can!

    PS, Big congratulations on making the ABA shortlist!

  3. I actually enjoy packing my makeup when I travel =) but i try not to take anything i'm not willing to lose. If I lost my Z palette which has most of my eyeshadows, I would probably cry for a week

  4. This is exactly what I will need in about a month :) I think you did a great job with keeping the makeup bag minimal, I always end up taking too much that I never use and just takes space in my luggage.
    Btw...what do you think of the furless brushes? Would you recommend them?
    Great post :-)

    1. Hi Billie

      I would not recommend this particular brush set, the two face brushes are super soft but a little small, and I don't like the eye brushes at all. I did get a freebie brush from Furless as well which is full sized and quite nice. While I wouldn't recommend this set I'm not opposed to trying their other brushes. They have an affiliate type program as well where beauty bloggers and you tubers can sign up and get 50% off their first purchase and 20% off subsequent purchases so it's not a bad deal. They were sold out of the set I really wanted. I'm much more content with the Coastal Scents brushes I have now though.

  5. Did they discontinue loreal matte morphose foundation? I can't find it in any store anymore? Have you had any luck?
    Love the post and Congrats on being shortlisted in the Beauty Heaven Blogstar Awards! :)

  6. I'm pretty sure it is discontinued. I noticed that most places we're marking it down to about $10 so I stocked up lol.

  7. You can certainly find on ebay.

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