Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Review - Loreal Luminosity Youth Code

I received a bottle of this to trial.

The silver packaging was pretty and made it look quite expensive. The bottle itself is also a nice silver colour with a great quality pump on it that seems to disperse just the right amount of the serum. I think the bottle is a little too heavy though as you wouldn't want to try and travel with it being that heavy.

The product itself is a pearl lotion with a nice scent. For me it didn't do a whole lot except make my face super smooth.

It is supposed to deeply hydrate, reduce sun spots, illuminate and even out complexion. I found that it seemed to be a little too light to just be a moisturiser, and a little too heavy WITH a moisturiser. I don't really have sun spots yet, but it did nothing for my redness. I actually think it made my skin redder after applying. I'll agree that it made my skin firmer and more illuminated, but the illuminating-ness didn't work very well with my matte foundation. That wouldn't be a problem for people who don't use matte foundation though. I'll stick to using it just at night I think.

Overall I don't mind this product but I won't re-purchase after I finish it up.

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