Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Road Tested - May Lust Have It

Hello 'ello

I've finally given most of the products from my first Lust Have It a go.  This was my first Lust Have It and I was very very excited about it!  It arrived in this cute pink make up case which is nice, rather than just a box packaging.

Evo The Therapist Shampoo and Conditioner: I had not heard of this brand before but these are a very decent size sample to receive.  I've used them a couple of times but I'm saving the rest to use when I travel.  While I do like these I don't think they are anything special.  I did really like the smell though.

Caron Bump Eraser: I have not actually tried this as it is sealed with a silver top thingy these sorts of things are sealed with.  I do however have three quarters of the Caron Bump Eraser lotion I'm currently using and love, and I have previously tried the Caron Bump Eraser spray and quite liked that as well.  So I'm guessing I will love this just as much.  I think the Caron products I have tried have been great.

Nicole by OPI: This is pretty much a typical glitter polish.  This colour is very cute but a real pain to remove which makes me dislike most glitter polishes.

Lush Soap: This smells AMAZING!  I'm yet to open this yet as I have half a soap in the shower at the moment but based on my experience with Lush products I will love this.

Bioderma Make Up Remover: This is quite a nice product.  The smell is pretty harmless, almost like water if that makes sense?  But it is very gentle and feels alcohol free which I like around my eye area.  It is not oily either which I find some removers to be.  Not a rave product though.

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Perfume Sample: A nice smelly perfume.  Not for me though.

ModelCo Lipgloss: What's the go with ModelCo??  Why are they just giving away all their products?  I have never bought a ModelCo product but I'm pretty sure I have about 10 of them!  A nice lipgloss.  It's a nice smell and not overly sticky.  The pigmentation is pretty sheer but nice regardless.

I am very very pleased with my first Lust Have It.  I got some really nice products to try and I love the full sized item.

Thanks Lust Have It!


  1. Glad you liked most of the products. :)

    ModelCo do seem to be doing quite a few freebies lately, don't they? I think I've got a couple of shadow palettes, this lip gloss and the fibre lash mascara!

  2. People rave about the bioderma, but I haven't bothered trying it yet as I'm saving it for when I go on holidays... it's so expensive though!
    This was also my first ModelCo product but I hear their kind of expensive too, so I'm happy to get full sized products :)
    Glad you liked almost everything, more or less :P