Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Blush and Bronzer Collection

Hi Pretties As I said in my make up storage post I'll be gradually showing you my collection in more detail.  You can view my nail polish collection here!  I've been waiting on one last product to come so I could show you my FAVOURITE collection.  My blush collection!  I'm not hugely into bronzer, but I've thrown those in this post too.

Now that's the full collection!  There is a mix of cheaper and higher end products there and I have to say my favourites are not necessarily the most expensive ones!


As I said, I'm not overly into bronzer, and some of these I have had for YEARS, but I'll still reach for them in summer.

Face Of Australia - Outback Bronze
Benefit - Hoola
Covergirl - 315 Soleil
Designer Brands - No name

Mac Blushes

Top row
Melba (Matte)
Fleur Power (Satin)

Bottom Row
Springsheen (Sheertone Shimmer)
Well Dressed (Satin)

Miscellaneous Brands

BYS - Pretty in Pink
Models Prefer - Desk to Date
Face of Australia - Primrose
Australis - Poser
Benefit - Thrrrob

That's my collection.  My favourites are Mac Melba, Mac Springsheen, Benefit Thrrrob (even though I've only used it once!) and Models Prefer Desk To Date.  I absolutely love Models Prefer I think they are a brilliant brand.  Hmm, maybe I'll need to do a Models Prefer review.

If you would like to see any of these blushes with swatches and in details please leave me a comment and let me know :)


  1. Wow you have so many blushes haha! But what a great idea for posts, showing off your amazing collection! May have to steal that idea from you ;)

    1. Thanks!

      Collection posts are always some of my things to look at :)

  2. I really think I should try Melba!

  3. You have a huge blush collection! Benefit Thrrrob is such a girly pink! I really love all the Benefit box o' powders.