Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Inglot Experience

Hi Pretties

On my recent trip to Melbourne I decided I wanted to buy a matte Inglot palette.  As matte shadows are hard to come by in a palette I thought the Inglot Freedom System was a great idea to do this.  I bought the 10 pan palette for $15 as I thought the larger ones were a little on the heavy side for travelling and 5 shadows at $10 each to start myself off.  I caved, and one is not matte.  But super pretty!

At Inglot you can get your make up done for $70 and it is redeemable on product, so I pretty much got my make up done for free.  By the way the closest Inglot to me is a 2hr drive away, which is why I was so excited about it.

I made my appointment for 11am so I could look glamorous spending the day shopping and I got their early and the MUA got started straight away.  She was lovely.  Unfortunately I can't remember her name but I'm sure it starts with a C, and she worked at Inglot Chadstone.  I wanted to go with a pretty neutral look as I was just spending the day shopping then going out for a casual dinner, so we kept my make up pretty basic, with a nice bronze/gold eye.  With fake eyelashes.  As I am currently obsessed lol.  The blush was just a nice neutral pink and unfortunately as I took this photo about 8 hours later, I've topped up my lipstick with Mac Lovelorn.  The Inglot colour was very similar though.

I love the lashes!  They were so huge but so pretty :)  I managed to keep the box so I can re-use them as well.

Onto the palette!

As I said I bought the 10 pan palette and filled it with 5 shadows.  So the total cost so far was $65.  I left 5 spaces free as I know when I go to Sydney I'll go to Inglot and get annoyed I have no space, and having just got my Naked Palette I'm currently occupied playing with that.

I think the magnetic design of this is quite ingenious as well.  It's something that keeps it a little different from the other palettes around.

The MUA helped me pick colours to suit my skin tone so I really got a customised palette.

Matte 355 - A highlight

Matte 357 - Crease or lid

Matte 326 - Crease and eyeliner

Pearl 423 - So pretty!

Matte 334 - Lid or crease

Now I know the pearl one is not a matte shade, but it was too pretty for me to pass up!

The whole trip cost me $90 odd dollars as I got the eyelashes on top of the make over, and that also had a $10 application fee.  But I think it was well worth it.  I got the MUA's attention for an hour, my make up done, started off my palette and got some great eyelashes I'll be able to reuse.

Inglot trip was a sucess!

What do you think of the Freedom system?


  1. This looks so gorgeous on you!
    Love love love those lashes!

  2. I love Inglot! The products are great, and the MUAs are so sweet.