Monday, 21 May 2012

Empty Product Review - Nivea Cream

Hi lovelies

Finished another product!

This time it is the Nivea Cream in a 75ml tin I bought on sale for around $3.

I originally purchased this to use on my face as I was finding my normal moisturiser not quite heavy enough and I planned to use this at night.  It was much to heavy though and made me break out a little as it was so think.

I also found this to be a little thick to use on my body as it didn't spread very well.  I finally found the perfect use for this.  My feet!  I suffer dry heals most of the year (don't we all?) so I started using this and then putting on some socks for a few hours.  It works wonders to smooth the feet out.  I also think the tin is super cute and really easy to travel with.

Another great Nivea product!


  1. I love the Nivea Soft version of this cream. I use it as a body moisturiser and sometimes face if my skin is really dry. Nivea products are so good. I never had any problems with Soft in regards to breakouts.

  2. ooooh, i love this cream too!So happy that i have found yet another amazing aussie blog. Count me as a new follower and drop by my blog if you have a spare moment! xo Genevieve

  3. Great review! I love using this on my hands and it works wonders :-)

  4. I bought this last week (mine also has the same exact photo on the lid!) because I'd always wanted to try it due to the adorable tin packaging and I quite like it. I like putting it on my elbows and my hands, though it is greasy for twenty or so minutes after I rub it in. I'm halfway through it already since I use it on my legs after shaving because my skin feels soooooo amazing afterwards! This is definitely my HG winter moisturiser! :)

  5. We use this for the same purpose! I find it too heavy on my face and body too so I ended up using this only on the feet knees and elbow. I love it.