Friday, 1 June 2012

Project X Pan - 3, 4 & 5 down!

Hi Pretties

Happy Friday!

Today was a BIG day for Project X Pan.  I finished off three products!  2 were on my list and one was a product I was not expecting to finish off but hey, its done and it counts :)

First product I finished this morning was the last spray of my Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty sample.  I got this in my May LustHaveIt and while it is quite pretty, it is not for me.

I also finished off this morning my go to foundation.  It is the Loreal Matte Morphose Souffle foundation.  I LOVE this foundation.  When I first tried it in January this year I was so excited to finally find my HG foundation.  It matches me perfectly, I don't get greasy after wearing it, it is just fantastic.

.......The it started.  I started seeing this foundation marked down to $15 and then $10 and finally...IT'S GONE!  Nooooooo!

Luckily I stocked up and have two spares :)  I'll be waiting until I finish off the other foundations in my PXP before I open a new one.

Th next product I finished off was not on my PXP list, but hey, it's a product I needed to use up.  It is the Dove Visable Beauty moisturizer.  Not a great moisturizer.  The fragrance is so strong it almost gives me hay fever and I find the consistency is a little thin where I prefer thicker moisturizers.

BYE BYE my products.

Skin items chosen
Nutrimetics Clear Deep Cleansing Exfoliant - 1/8 remaining
Palmers Line Smoothing Eye Cream - 1/8 remaining
Bellamer Eye Balm Sample - 1/2 remaining
Bioderma Make Up Remover - 7/8 remaining

Hair items chosen
Chi Silk Infusion - 1/4 remaining

Make up items chosen
Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation - 1/4 remaining
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Sample - 7/8 remaining
Loreal Matte Morphose Foundation - Scrapings really

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Sample - 1/2 remaining
DKNY Pure Sample - 1/8 remaining

Dove Visable Beauty Moisturizer

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