Saturday, 23 June 2012

Project X Pan - 9 & 10 down! But am I finished?

Hi Pretties

Well it has happened.  I've used up over 10 items for Project X Pan.  But they were not all on my list!  In the last couple of days I have finished off my 9th and 10th item.  I have finished off a couple more products lately but they are not really note worthy.  When I call it quits on PXP I'll give you a full list of the products I have finished up.

The first product I finished up was in fact on my list and it is the Palmers Cocoa Butter Line Smoothing Eye Cream.  I really do like this product and will definitely be repurchasing in the future after I finish up some sample eye creams I have laying around to use up.

I use this night and day all over my eye and surrounds and it absorbs nicely into the skin.  Eye cream for me at this stage is more of a preventative measure so I can't really tell if it is doing too much.  Ask me in 10 years!

The next item I finished I am not so excited about.  I finished off my Lush Angels on Bare Skin cleanser!  Oh no!  This has holy grail status for and I am desperate to buy another tub.  I simply can't wait until PXP is done as my skin is starting to get dry and flaky from using a cleanser I have laying around.  Problem is there is only one Lush stand in my town and it is in a shopping centre that is always super busy and hard to find a park at.  I may have to make the trip tomorrow though and fight the hoards of people to get my precious, precious cleanser.

So my list now looks as follows;

Skin items chosen
Nutrimetics Clear Deep Cleansing Exfoliant - 1/8 remaining
Palmers Line Smoothing Eye Cream - 1/8 remaining
Bioderma Make up remover - 7/8 remaining
Bellamer Eye Balm Sample - 1/2 remaining

Hair items chosen
Chi Silk Infusion - 1/4 remaining

Make up items chosen
Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation - 1/4 remaining
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Sample - 7/8 remaining
Loreal Matte Morphose Foundation - Scrapings really

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Sample - 1/2 remaining
DKNY Pure Sample - 1/8 remaining

Dove Visable Beauty Moisturizer
Savvy by DB Mechanical Eye Pencil
Priceline Makeup remover wipes

So as you may notice there is another item crossed off that I am no longer using as part of PXP.  I've decided that even though I don't want to waste it, the Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation is never, ever going to be a good shade for me.  Especially now it is winter.  Orange is not my shade.  So I'm binning this item and calling it quits.

That leaves me two products left to use up.  The Bellamer eye sample which has around 2 uses left and the Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation that just wont quit!  I'm guessing I have 2 weeks left to use it up?  Very exciting as I'm getting the Illamasqua foundation to use after!

What have you used up?


  1. Nice work! I haven't tried the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser before but I think I'll have to buy it from all the rave reviews I've read.

  2. I love the Palmer's cream. I have it too as a preventative thing, but I have to admit, it does make what were dark-circles under my eyes go away!

  3. ohhh is the Palmers eye cream good for under concealer? It doesn't slip off or make it crease?

    1. Hi Jasmine,

      I can't really answer that for you as I don't use concealer under my eyes.

      It doesnt feel like a greasy application or anything though.