Friday, 8 June 2012

Project X Pan - 7 & 8 down

So why is it when I embark on Project X Pan, I seem to run out of everything at one?

I've finished off another two products, both not on my list!  But hey, they are products that have been hanging around.

The first product I finished off I received in my Priceline Gift With Purchase a couple of months ago.  It is the Priceline Calming 3 in 1 Facial Wipes.  This pack comes with 25 wipes and a handy self seal sticker that keeps the remaining wipes fresh.

These wipes are quite nice.  The fragrance is harmless and they are not too dry but not too moist they run down your face.  They are very gentle and do a pretty good job at removing your make up.  The only thing I found they struggled on is my Essence Gel Liner but I am yet to find a product that removes it nicely.  I will repurchase these wipes.

The next item I finished off is a mechanical eye pencil by DB by Savvy.  By finished off I mean I wound it up to see how much was left and the remainder snapped off when I was winding it down.  Sad face :-(  I got this on special for about $3 probably a year ago and it is a great mechanical eye pencil.  The packaging is quite nice and firm and comes with a smudger on the end.  It did have a cap on it but that is long lost.  I don't use the smudger anyway.  The colour of this pencil is black but it is not BLACK black.  That would probably be my only complaint with this.  It is nice and long wearing too.  I would repurchase this, but I believe it is discontinued and I have enough eye pencils to last me about a year!

So I've actually finished off 8 items now.  That leaves 2 to go until I finish PXP but not all of the goodies on my list will be gone!  I'm going to take the Chi Silk Infusion off my list and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon as there is A LOT left and you only use a tiny amount but I still plan on using up the 4 other products before finishing Project X Pan.

Skin items chosen
Nutrimetics Clear Deep Cleansing Exfoliant - 1/8 remaining
Palmers Line Smoothing Eye Cream - 1/8 remaining
Bioderma Make up remover - 7/8 remaining
Bellamer Eye Balm Sample - 1/2 remaining

Hair items chosen
Chi Silk Infusion - 1/4 remaining

Make up items chosen
Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation - 1/4 remaining
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Sample - 7/8 remaining
Loreal Matte Morphose Foundation - Scrapings really

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Sample - 1/2 remaining
DKNY Pure Sample - 1/8 remaining

Dove Visable Beauty Moisturizer
Savvy by DB Mechanical Eye Pencil
Priceline Makeup remover wipes

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