Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June Lust Have It - Open Box

Wow pretties.  This year is rolling around so fast.

This week saw the arrival of both Bellabox and LustHaveIt.  This is the first month that the ex-Glossyboxes and the LustHaveIt's received the same box.  You think they would go off with a bang.  Firstly there was no tracking number for this box so I didn't know when it was coming (except that I seemed to be one of the last bloggers to receive my box this month!)

I can't say I'm impressed with this months box/bag.  Although the bright purple bag is kind of fun though, I'd rather something disposable as I really don't need all of these bags.  Here is what I received.  Please excuse the pump bottle in the background I needed to hold everything up somehow.

The first product I received is a travel size Batiste dry shampoo.  While this will come in handy as I do love the Batiste dry shampoo and am a regular re-purchaser, I wouldn't call a product that retails for $9.99 full size a luxury sample.

The second and third products I pulled out were perfume samples.  I HATE perfume samples.  I already have the perfumes I like so I always dislike receiving a perfume sample, let alone 2 samples.  I feel as though they couldn't come up with enough products to give people so they gave them there.  By the way, you can get these free at most counters anyway.  The scents I got were Mark Jacobs 'Lola' and Roberto Cavalli 'self titled?'

Fourth product is a little better.  It is by Bloom and it is a liquid eyeliner.  I got the colour Star Gazer which is a black/silvery glitter.  This is a bit more fun but I'm also not sure how much use I will get out of glittery eyeliner.  At 25 I kind of feel a little old for it, so I'm not sure who older receivers of this will feel.  I guess you can rock glitter at any age though.

Fifth and sixth are by Lon Vitalite 24k gold.  These are both masks, one facial and one for the eyes.  I'm pretty meh on these.  I guess they will be a bit of fun.

So there you have it.  June LustHaveIt.  Can't say I'm impressed.  Hopefully next month will be better!


  1. Oh don't worry you weren't the last, I still haven't even received mine... I'm scared someone stole it from my letterbox! Or it got delivered to the wrong place.. :(