Monday, 4 June 2012

Tutorial - Rimmel Glam Eyes Smokey Noir Quad

Hi Pretties

Today I'm going to do a photo tutorial for you all.  This is using the Rimmel Glam Eyes Smokey Noir Quad.
I'm hoping to do more one quad tutorials for you guys so let me know if you like them!

Step One - Prime Your Eyes

Step Two - Take the highlight colour on your brush of choice and apply all over your eyelid and up to the brow bone and into the inner corner

Step Three - Take the second lightest colour and apply from about half way over the outer half of the lid

Step Four - Take the second darkest corner and just place into the crease in a windscreen wiper motion on a fluffy crease brush

Step Five - Take the darkest colour on a smaller flat brush and line under your eyes about half was across

Step Six - Create a light upwards like a wing with the shadow

Step Seven - Take the same brush and pull that line inwards to soften it up.  Darken up the outer lid with the colour as well without taking any more on your brush

Step Eight - Use a blending brush to get rid of the harsh lines

Step Nine - Fill in your brows

Step Ten - Line your upper lash line

Step Eleven - Curl your lashes

Step Twelve - Apply mascara

Step Thirteen - Apply a white or nude eyeliner onto your water line.  If you use white, just do a light line so it does not look to stark

Voila!  The finished look :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


  1. Great look and am loving the step by step nature of this tutorial

  2. The greys really bring out your eyes, lovely!