Saturday, 30 June 2012

Project X Pan - 11, 12 and 13

Hi Pretties

Today was a big day for Project X Pan.  I finished my 11th, 12th and 13th items.  I am officially finished!

Firstly this morning I finished off a foundation that I had decided it was time to say goodbye to.  I have had this for about 18 months and I periodically re-visit it.  I forgot how much I actually liked it.  It is a shame that Maybelline discontinued it.  This seems to be a frequent problem for me with awesome foundations.

While this bottle is only small, I kept thinking that I would only get one or two more uses out of it when in fact I got several weeks.

I will miss this foundation.

Next I finished off my last use of this Bellamer eye balm sample that I got in a Bellabox.  When I'm feeling rich I will purchase a full sized product as it is $40.

You apply to the area around your eye for 15 minutes and then wipe away the excess product.  I found that 15 minutes was slightly too long to leave this on as it gave me tiny pimples around eyes but leaving for 8 minutes seemed to have the same results without the pimples.  I feels as though I can actually see my eyes looking more awake, smooth and pretty when I use this.

Lastly I finished off a lip balm by Blistex.  It is the Complete Moisture and contains SPF 15 (yea!).

This is a nice lip balm, but I will be going back to my trusted Nivea.  I did buy a two pack of the Blistex on super special though!

My list currently stands as follows;

Skin items chosen
Nutrimetics Clear Deep Cleansing Exfoliant - 1/8 remaining
Palmers Line Smoothing Eye Cream - 1/8 remaining
Bioderma Make up remover - 7/8 remaining
Bellamer Eye Balm Sample - 1/2 remaining

Hair items chosen
Chi Silk Infusion - 1/4 remaining

Make up items chosen
Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation - 1/4 remaining
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Sample - 7/8 remaining
Loreal Matte Morphose Foundation - Scrapings really

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Sample - 1/2 remaining
DKNY Pure Sample - 1/8 remaining

Dove Visable Beauty Moisturizer
Savvy by DB Mechanical Eye Pencil
Priceline Makeup remover wipes

Stay tuned for my final Project X Pan post!

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  1. I had the Maybelline Concealer that went with that! I loved it. I was so annoyed that they discontinued it too. It always happens to products I love. *Sigh* Well done in getting through them all!