Thursday, 28 June 2012

Empty product review - Swisspers Spa Cleansing Wipes

Hi Pretties

I have another empty product review for you.  I am just ripping through products at the moment which is fun because it means I get to try new things, but it is also rather expensive!  Lucky I'm a bargain hunter and a bit of a hoarder so I stock up on things when I see them cheap.  Like these Swisspers Spa facial cleansing wipes with white tea extract.  I picked these and a few other packs of various types facial wipes up at Woolworths when they had a big sale so I got these for around $3.  I believe normal RRP is around $6.

This pack comes with 25 wipes and has a lovely smell to them.  I'm generally a fan of anything in green packaging for some reason and these were no exception.  The wipes are nice and large, not as thick as others but definitely still thick enough.  These do a nice job of removing all the make up from your face, including the eye area but I think if you have particularly sensitive eyes I would avoid this area.  My skin is pretty tough and I found they stung a little around the eyes.

I would repurchase these again at full price, but perhaps try another type in the Swisspers Spa range to see if there is one that is a little gentler on the eyes.  The hunt continues for the perfect facial wipe!

Do you have a go to facial wipe?

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