Monday, 11 June 2012

Jewellery Haul!

Hi Pretties!

As you know I'm still on Project X Pan so I am not buying any make up or beauty products, but some jewellery caught my eye this weekend that was on super special!

Firstly I picked up these three bracelets at Lovissa.  They were 3 for $10!

I also picked up these earrings at Target.  They were all 50% off so they were $2.50 each!  I love the little knot ones.

I also purchased this jewellery organizer this weekend too.  It is double sided so it fits the same amount again on the other side.  This was $7 at Aldi!

I hope you all had a great Queens Birthday Long weekend!


  1. Great purchases, especially the jewellery organizer!

  2. I love the little knot earrings! I got myself a pair on the weekend as well. Great purchases :)

  3. Good deals, lucky you! When I went target there wasn't much jewellery left that I was interested in, bummer