Monday, 25 June 2012

How to get the most out of your Lush Cleansing Bar

Hi Pretties

Last week I ran out of my favourite cleanser Lush Angels On Bare Skin and I was devastated.  I finally had to venture to my local Lush store on the weekend and even more devastating, they had run out of my precious Angels!

After a few tears and searching for something similar the lovely sales associate gave me a 50g sample of her favourite cleansing bar, Fresh Farmacy.  Coincidentally, I am loving this stuff.  When I got it home I scratched my head and racked my brain how I could use this in the shower without wasting it all.  After all, it is a soap like product and I didn't want to waste my precious Lush on suds.

I came up with the following idea to really get the most out of the cleansing bar.

If you are a Lush enthusiast, you know when you get a soap or cleansing bar it looks similar to this;

What I did is unwrap the cleansing bar and cut it into smaller pieces.  I then wrapped these in cling wrap to keep any moisture out and keep them as fresh as possible.

After this I took one of these smaller pieces and cut it into smaller pieces again.  About half a centimetre pieces.  I call these my 'day pieces' as you get one or two uses out of pieces this size.

I wasn't quite sure how I could store this in the shower nicely and I remembered I had the old pot from my Angels on Bare skin that I kept for the 'back to Lush' program and I popped these into that. 

A few extra tips!

* Take a piece out of the container before your shower and pop it on top of the lid so you don't put wet hands into the tub

* Store your Lush products out of the bathroom in a dry place to help them keep longer

* You don't need a Lush tub to store your products, a little Clip It or Tupperware container will do the trick.


  1. Good idea! It's hard to use them as they cut them haha, so big! Even the samples! :)

  2. Great idea! I am still a lush virgin, have never tried any of their products but I have heard amazing stuff about them :) Looking forward to trying them though and gonna keep a note of this in order to get the most out of it

  3. Gosh, that's such a lot of work, lol! I am a bit iffy about Lush, I used to be a big fan but lately I have gone a bit off their products!

    1. It is a little hard work, but definitely worth it :)