Monday, 23 July 2012

Shopping my stash - Day 1

Anyone with a largish makeup collection knows that you are going to have favourites.  Products will get neglected and start to feel a little depressed if they don't get some love.  That's why I have devoted this week to be a 'shop my stash week' for my unloved products.

The aim of the game is to stop reaching for my favourites and give some of my other makeup a chance.  The pieces I have chosen are ones that I cannot remember the last time I used them.  Today I managed to use 4 less used products!

The first product is old.  Really old.  So old the label has pretty much worn off and I have not seen this packaging for years.  I should probably throw it out, but I hate wastage.  In case you can't tell what it is, it is a bronzer by Covergirl in the shade Soleil.  I actually think they still make this shade but the packaging has changed.  I used this today instead of my Hoola bronzer and it did the job.  I have not fallen in love with it again yet though.

Secondly I gave an unloved lipstick a go.  I still don't like this either.  I got this Revlon lipstick for free with the Priceline gift with purchase bag.  The colour is called Blush and it is a orangy based nude which is not a great colour for me.  It looks like my lips but more orange when I can get it to show up at all.  This I may actually ditch.  I don't like it and I don't think I ever will.

Yup, I'm neglecting an expensive Mac product.  I did my research online before ordering this blush and I really wished I had waited until I went into the store but I am inpatient and couldn't wait and just ordered it online.  I tossed up for about 2 hours between Well Dressed and Dame and decided on Well Dressed.  I wish I picked Dame.  This colour is just a little too sheer for me and I really have to pack it on to get any colour to show up.  I'm pale too!  I don't really dislike this blush but since getting Benefit Thrrrob I rarely use it as the colours are so similar but the Benefit just has way better colour pay off.

The last product I really like.  It is an eyeshadow palette by BYS called Summer Sheen (I blogged about this here and have included swatches).  I bought this back in April and the colours are amazing but sadly it has gotten a little neglected for a couple of reasons.  1. This was an impulse buy and around $6.  I had not long before ordered my UD Naked Palette and it arrived a couple of days after I got this.  Clearly I'm going to be way more excited about my UD Naked Palette that I had ordered and waited on and lusted over for months that an impulse buy. 2. The colours in the pan are very difficult to tell what they actually look like so it makes it pretty hard to put a look together without being covered in swatches.  I don't have time for swatches of a morning lol.  But I used this this morning and loved the look I came up with.  This is a little treasure I think I'll get some more use out of.

Thanks for reading pretties!  Stay tuned for episode 2 tomorrow of 'Shopping my stash!'


  1. Great post :)
    I should start shopping my stash too.

    1. It's a great way to give your collection some love :)

  2. I also have that BYS palette and it's actually amazing! It was an impulse buy for me too and I neglected it for ages until recently (spending ban paying off haha!) and I'm in love with it!
    A shame the other things aren't so great, but at least you found love for one thing :)