Sunday, 15 July 2012

Caitlin's Sunday Night Haul

Hi Pretties!

I'm back with another Sunday night haul.

This week I have just a few beauty items to show you that I have hauled, or you can watch the collective haul video below!

Anyways, if you would prefer the text, here goes.

Yesterday I went to Westfield Tuggerah on the Central Coast in NSW.  This is not my normal shopping centre but I felt like a bit of a change at it is only about a 40 minute drive to Tuggerah so it was a  nice adventure.

At Priceline I picked up the Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil mask on special for $15 from $20.  Being winter my hair has been a little dry lately and I have been heat styling a little more than normal so I thought my hair could do with a treat.  I used this this afternoon and so far so good.  The smell is divine I really struggled not to try to eat the product!  Sort of like cookies and caramel and all things delicious!

Next I picked up another two of the Essence Stay All Day long lasting eyeshadows.  I looooove these I think the quality is brilliant for $5.50.  I really feel that these compare to the Mac paint pots and mabye are a little bit better again on my lids as they do not crease like my paint pot can.  I bought the colour Glammy Goes To which is a goldern bronze colour and I also purchased Camp Rock which is a silver.  I already have Copy Right which is a bronze.

I also purchased at Target the Target brand Naturals eye make up remover as they were having 40% off and I am almost finished my Maybelline make up remover.  It was only $5ish so I will let you know how that goes.

I wanted to get a Mac mineralise skin finish but the crappy David Jones didn't have a Mac counter so I went to Napoleon instead and broke my Napoleon virginity and made my first purchase from them.  I got a really pretty 'blush' called blush patrol which is a mineralise product with swirls of pink, burgundy and gold shimmer.  I used inverted comers as I really think this is too shimmery for a blush but absolutely gorgeous as a highlight colour.  It would be a very pretty blush, I just prefer a matter blush.

During the week I also picked up a couple of things as well from Target.  I got the green make up remover wipes in the Target brand.  I have tried the pink ones and they were so so but I thought I would give the green ones a try as they are only $3.  I also bought from Revlon the Just Bitten  Lip Stain and Balm as I want to do a comparison between the current Revlon lip stain available in our stores and the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain that is available in the US.  I have ordered one so I shall get the comparison up when it arrives.  This was on special for $12 as well.  I ordered off ebay the Covergirl Lip stain as well to compare to the others.  I believe Max Factor also sells a lip stain so I will probably pick that up as well to throw into the mix.

My Revlon lip butter finally arrived from the Revlon app competition as well this week and I got the colour Cupcake.  Unfortunately I already have this colour and it is not one of my favourites so I'll be holding onto this for a swap or a giveaway rather than using it.

Well that's my haul for the week.

What did you guys get?


  1. What a nice haul! I have had my eyes on the Essence shadows for ages, they look lovely.

  2. I have used that Organix mask before and I agree, it smells AMAZING! I'm not sure whether it really helped that much but I was more than happy to use it just for the smell!
    I look forward to reading your comparison review on the Revlon lip stains!
    I got Creamsicle from the Revlop app which is one of the ones I don't have (and I have 10) but it's so sheer that I gave it to my sister.

  3. Nice haul! I need to try more essence cream eyeshadows.
    I missed out on the revlon app :(

  4. Nice haul, I rather love those Essence shadows, I have three myself and they really do stay put better than the Mac Paintpots. The only downside is they are a wee bit shimmery!