Friday, 13 July 2012

Empty Product Review - Nivea Aqua Sensations Invigorating Day Cream

Hi Pretties

Happy Friday 13th!  I hope you all have some scary plans for this evening.

I thought I would end the week with an empty product review for you of the Nivea Aqua Sensations Invigorating Day Cream.  If you follow my blog regularly, you will know I'm a huge fan of the Nivea products and this is no exception.

Prior to using this adorable little jar of blue cream I was using the Nivea Young Control Shine Mattifying Cream/Gel.  I had been using the Nivea Young range for years and as my skin was maturing and the dreaded 25 was approaching my skin is no longer oily but is more combination to dry now.  So my Nivea Young was drying me out.  Not that I stopped loving it, I just moved on from it.  So I picked up the Nivea Aqua Sensations expecting great things and I was not disappointed.

The cream comes in a little glass jar with a blue plastic lid and is about $15.  You can get it on special for around $10 if you shop around.  While I love the look and feel of the jar it's not the most hygienic of the bunch, but if you don't share your cream around you should be fine.  Or you can pick up a little spatula if you are worried.

This cream has the regular blue colour and scent of Nivea products that I love, and I find it very moisturizing for my now combination skin.  I do need a thicker moisturizer for night time, particularly in winter but this is still great for day time.  I've already purchased my next jar!

Have you tried to Nivea Aqua Sensations Invigorating Day Cream?  Do you love Nivea as much as I do?

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