Wednesday, 18 July 2012

July Bellabox - Open Box

Hi Pretties

Bellabox came today!  The theme of this months Bellabox was Essential Beauty Buys.  These are supposed to be your most basic beauty products.  You can watch the video of the un-boxing right here!

Alternatively, read on to see what was inside!

This months Bellabox had a huge amount of products in it.  And no box!  The three larger products were inside the e-parcel and the smaller products were in the little blue bag in the picture.  That was nice for a change.  Unfortunately the blue bag is terrible quality but I probably wouldn't use it anyway.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser  ($13.99/175ml) - This is the first product I pulled out of the box.  I have not tried Neutrogena products in years and when I last did I had teenage skin and it really didn't work for me.  It will be interesting to see how it works on my adult skin now.

You, Me & Everybody Shady Lady Daily Face Milk ($9.99/75ml) - The second product I pulled out is a moisturizer/ sun screen.  Moisturizers with sun screen tend to break me out horribly so I will see how this goes.  If this is the case I will save this for summer use only when sunscreen is a real necessity.

Nutro-Synergy Sensitive Skin Cleanser ($15.95/500ml) - This large product is actually a sample size.  It's 100ml!  I'm not overly excited to get two large cleansers in Bellabox as my skin is quite picky with cleansers but hopefully neither of them will break me out or dry me out.  If not, more brush cleaners!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Scrub (No price listed) - This is the size product I would expect from a Bellabox.  My skin is not sensitive to scrubs and I only have a sample size at the moment anyway so I will get some use from this.

Elf Essentials Brush Range Brow and Lash Brush ($3.99/brush) - Elf is not a brand that is very popular in Australia.  It's not available in our stores but I am wondering if they will be introducing them to stores since they are making an appearance in Bellabox.  My mind is ticking.  Something to stay tuned to I think!

Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm (5.99/tube) - I am yet to try Carmex but I have heard a lot of good things about the brand.  Hurray for lip balm in winter.  It is such a useful product.

Ulta3 nail polish in Mulberry ($2/bottle) - I have a few of the Ulta3 nail polishes and fortunately I don't have this colour.  I'm in two minds on receiving and Ulta3 polish in a Bellabox.  This has happened before and while it is not a luxury sample being that they are sold for $2, but on the other hand I would rather a product I would use than one that I dislike.

Givenchy Pi Neo sample (80/50ml) - A perfume sample for the men in your life.  A nice little extra however I hate these perfume samples in these little packets.  There is no good way to store them for a second use so I feel like I'm wasting the product.

Royal Moroccan Hair Repair Shampoo, Conditioner ($17.95/300ml) and Serum Treatment ($29.95/100ml) - I've seen this brand around the place and have been interested to try them.  These are great sized samples and I am looking forward to using them.

I am very pleased with this months Bellabox.  While there are no makeup samples I am quite content with the skin care.

Well done Bellabox!


  1. I was really pleased with this months too! I saw the "other" box got a mascara which I was a bit peeved about, but then reminded myself I didn't actually NEED anymore mascaras, so it was probably best for me haha!
    Loved the full sized samples too!

  2. I loved watching your video! I am yet to receive my Bella Box (everything takes so long to get to Perth but it should be here in the next few days).