Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Empty Product Review - Ophelia Makeup Rounds

Hi Pretties

Today I have an empty product review for you.  I did a post a couple of weeks ago raving about the Target make up remover pads and how much I loved them but I ran out one day and could not make it to Target so I picked up some of the Ophelia makeup rounds from Aldi.  

I am an Aldi lover.  I think most of their products are excellent for the price and I really liked these as well.  I believe they were around $1.80, I can't quite remember but I think these are even closer to the Swissppers than the Target Pads.  There was no loose cotton to get stuck on your face, one side is ribbed and there are 80 in a pack.

A great buy.

Have you tried the Ophelia Makeup rounds?

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  1. Im always really cautious with what I put on my skin! but I have some seen beauty wipes in Aldi that i want to try out!