Monday, 2 July 2012

Road Tested - 1000 hour eyelash and eyebrow kit

Hi Pretties

I have a constant dilemma.  I dye my hair darker and usually pick up the colour when I see it on special but tend to have to wait to apply it until I can get into the beautician to get my eyebrows tinted as I just look silly with much lighter eyebrows and darker hair.

I finally decided that it was time to buy my own brow tinting kit so I could colour my hair when it needed it, and spend $15 on a packet that will give me 12 applications rather than paying $15 a pop at the salon.

I picked up kit in Dark Brown which looks like this.  It states each application lasts up to 6 weeks and is waterproof and smudge proof.  To be honest it would be a little silly if it was not waterproof and smudge proof being that it is a dye on your face.

When you open up the kit is looks like this.  The packaging is wonderful as it converts into a mixing bowl and applicator.  

The instructions are quite long winded, but for eyebrows you mix together a 2.5cm piece of the product in the tube with 10 drops of the developer into the little bowl and mix with the applicator.  I had a read of Ms-Jelena's blog who suggested that for eyebrows you only need half this amount.  I gave that ago and still had a lot of product left over.  Mixing was a little hard but after about a minute I got a smooth consistency.  It was very easy to apply with the applicator and I left for the recommended time of 6 minutes and wiped off with a cotton pad quite easily.

Voila, my eyebrows are darker and match my freshly dyed hair and there is no residue on my skin.

The best thing of all, I just ran the little bowl and applicator under cold water and it came up spotless.  Perfect for easy storage.


  1. Oh I'm always tempted to try this kit as my brows and lashes are so light. Did it burn or tingle at all?

    1. Hi!

      It didn't feel like anything at all when I applied. Slightly wet but that's all :)