Tuesday, 10 July 2012

15 tips to stay flu free this winter

Hello my pretties.

I'm sick :(  I have the winter flu.  I have tried so hard to avoid it I normally escape winter without a serious flu but my partner has been quite sick along with my colleagues so it was a little hard to avoid this one.

On the upside, it has motivated me to do a post on a few tips to stay flu free all winter.  (Some I should read a little closer myself!)

1.  Stay hydrated.  You might not feel like drinking as much water in the wintertime, but it is still very important.

2. Stay sanitized.  Wash your hands regularly if you around sick people, or indeed just a lot of people, and carry a handbag sized sanitizer with you to keep the germies away.

3.  Get a flu shop.  Ah the dreaded flu shot debate.  Is it worth it, is it a waste of time/ money?  It can't hurt right!

4. Open the windows.  It may be cold outside but that breeze helps to circulate the stale air and keep your home fresh.

5. Pop a multi-vitamin or vitamin C daily.  If you are not getting all your nutritional needs from you diet (which the majority of us don't) a multi-vitamin will keep your health in check.  Remember to check with your doctor that this won't affect any of your other medications before you start.

6. Use a tissue.  Whenever you blow your nose or sneeze use a tissue not a hanky.  It is more hygienic and they can be thrown in your recycling bin.

7. Use your own glass and bottle of water.  Sharing is caring but sharing germs is yucky in winter!

8. Keep up your exercise routine in winter.  By staying active you stay healthier.

9. Don't smoke, binge drink or use drugs.  Yup, pretty much goes without saying these things can all make us sick and don't keep us at our best.

10. Dry your hair before leaving the house.  Your Grandmother was right... You might catch a cold.  (Dry shampoo and updos are my best friend in winter!)

11. Avoid extreme temperature changes.  Don't stand in front of the heater rugged up before going outside.  Pop your coat and scarf on just before leaving the house to stay as warm as you can.  Same goes for that heater in the car..

12. Get more sleep.  Winter is the perfect time to hibernate in your bed and getting 7-10hrs a night will keep your body fighting fit.

13. If you feel a cold coming on, take a cold and flu capsule and head straight to bed.  It may just save you from suffering the full force of the illness.

14. Glen20 everything.  Your door handles, keyboard, phone, light switches.  Anything that multiple people are touching and spreading germs.

15.  Relax.  Relaxed people are healthy people.  Take some time out for yourself and take a yoga class or read a book under a blanket.

I hope you find some of these tips healthy.  I'm going to take a leaf out of my own book and have a vitamin c, drink up some water and read a book on the lounge.  Daytime TV is crap anyway!


  1. Excellent tips! I had the flu shot courtesy of my workplace this year but I'm pretty sure I'm now coming down with the flu... hard to avoid I guess because there are many different strains of it.

  2. I'm a bit sick too! Stayed home today...hoping that I'll be well enough to go in at least for a bit tomorrow! I find sleeping a lot really helps me recover quicker from the cold/flu!

    Get well soon! xx