Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Empty Product Review - Essence Mascara

Hello lovelies

Today's empty product review is on the Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Mascara.  I picked this up from Target for only $4.50 for the $20 makeup challenge (that I never filmed) and I freaking loved it!  For about a month.....

I think this mascara is fantastic if you love bold big lashes.  The brush is quite large and fibrous and distributes a great amount of product.  For about a month......

I normally will use a mascara for 8 weeks before I throw it out but this one I could only keep for 4 weeks. While the formula was perfect to start with and had no flakes or anything after a couple of weeks I noticed that by the end of the day it was starting to flake and the texture had changed quite a bit.  It also developed an awful smell.

Would this stop me repurchasing?  No, probably not.  I really enjoyed this for 4 weeks and for the price of it I can justify only having if for that long.  I would normally spend $10-20 on a mascara anyway so it does work out to be the same price.

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  1. My sister literally just got this one, and I love it! Sad that it doesn't last too long but hey, it's so cheap who cares :P