Monday, 27 August 2012

August 2012 Favourites

Hey Pretties

I wanted to share with you today my favourites for the month of August.  I'm super excited to say goodbye to August as we also get to say goodbye to winter here in the Southern Hemisphere and hello to spring so I could not be happier!

As always I like to keep my favourites to just 5 to stop me from rambling and rambling and if there are any questions on specific products I can do a whole review.

Firstly I could not decide which blush was my favourite this month so I decided to include the two I have been using the most.

The first blush is 'Primrose' by Face Of Australia which is a medium dusty pink colour and the second is Fleur Power by Mac.  A stunning pinky/coral colour.

Next is my Inglot colour palette that I recently added to when I went to Chatswood.  I have particularly been loving the top three shades together as a warmer weather combo.

Next is my Revlon lip butter in Peach Parfait.  When I first bought this lip butter I wasn't particularly fussed with it but this month I have been really enjoying a nude(ish) lip and this is the perfect colour for that.

Lastly is a product by Rimmel London and it is the Exaggerate eye liner in noir.  I have not been well this month as I keep getting the flu on and off so I've been trying to get as much sleep as possible.  Quickly taking this eyeliner across my top and bottom lash line with a neutral colour swept across the lid has been getting me ready for work and out the door really quickly.

So tell me, what are your August favourites?


  1. That Rimmel eyeliner is my go to. I love it. I may have been naughty a few times and slept with it on after a night out and it doesn't smudge either. I'm loving the Revlon Lip Butter in Berrie Smoothie and the Kissable Lip Stain in Honey.

  2. I really like the Inglot palette that you're building. Love the colours! Good eye! :)