Sunday, 23 September 2012

Unsubscribing from "the boxes"

Hi Pretties

Today I wanted to talk about my decision to unsubscribe from "the boxes".  By the boxes I mean Bellabox and LustHaveIt.

I have been subscribed to Bellabox since March and LustHaveIt since around June and was initially elated with the boxes.  I've gotten some great stuff in each box, and really enjoyed many of the products.  BUT, I have not tried one product that I wish to repurchase, and have more lotions and skin scrubs than I can poke a stick at.  I'm not wanting to sound ungrateful as I really appreciate what each of these boxes are doing, but I have decided they are not for me.  The novelty has worn off.

Cancelling both my memberships has left me with an extra $30 each month which I am now spending on a gym membership at the cost of $32 a month.  My body will thank me for it!

From my experiences with Bellabox I have really enjoyed their boxes.  They seem to be focused on more natural, skincare type products.  Again, I have not wanted to purchase anything I have tried and I have received a hell of a lot of brown lipsticks from them.  No so fussed on the brown.  Another complaint I have with Bellabox is the shipping.  Now I know they can only do so much and Australia Post does the rest, but for some reason I get to read all the blog posts on a Friday about what people have received, and I don't get my box until the following Monday.  If only they would ship out all the boxes on a Monday, everyone would receive them in the same week.

LustHaveIt seems to be a bit more of a fun box.  I've gotten more hair care and makeupy type items from LustHaveIt.  Although lately the boxes seem to be lacking a little in terms of content.  Possibly due to the takeover of Glossy Box and the new Eco-Boxes it may have all become a little too much for them to handle. In terms of shipping I seem to be one of the first to get the LustHaveIt box, but they do come later in the month.  I don't really have complaints about the box coming later as it still comes in the month it is expected.

If I had to chose between the two I would chose Bellabox.  They are more consistent and seem a little more stable, but if skincare is not for you then avoid this box!

Tell me, are you still subscribed to the boxes?


  1. I never subscribed to any of the boxes and I don't think I ever will because I think that $30 every month eventually adds up to a lot of money. I could have used the money to buy something a really want/need instead of receiving a box full of things that I may not want or like. But I can definitely see the perks of it, you get to try new things and open up your horizons. :)

  2. When I first heard about these boxes I really wanted to sign up! However after seeing what everyone was getting I was not interested and to be honest was sick of seeing "Bellabox/lust have it reviews". It really did seem like a waste of money to me. Good on you for joining the gym btw :) It is good to start healthy habits!

  3. What gym are you going to? Whilst I love my gym, they can't afford to have a student discount and I'm stuck paying $18/week! At least I joined before it was $23/week though...

    Good on you for unsubbing! I have a feeling the boxes are good for a few months before you get tired of them. I'm tired of even seeing reviews lol!

    1. It's a standard gym just really cheap! I get to to the Les Mills classes and there is a huge cardio area and also weight area. There are quite a few gyms in my area now so the pricing is really competitive. Great for the customers! It's called Planet Fitness :)

  4. I unsubscribed from the boxes a while ago as well. I was the same as you - too many products that I don't have use for so better to save the money and use it on something worth while. Although I do miss receiving a little surprise in the mail each month

  5. I wish I could unsubscribe from Lust Have It as I've been unimpressed with their boxes for a few months now but I bought a 6-month subscription so I have to wait until the end of the year. I am toying with the idea of cancelling my bellabox simply because I don't need any more beauty products but I might have to wait and see!

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  7. I did enjoy Bellabox for a while but now I think its time to let go. I did like their rewards system and bought a few things from their store to accumulate points, but when it came to getting the discount code off them it took four emails before they even replied to me. That was really annoying...